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Toronto mortgage brokers are wonderful bridges between the lending institutions and the borrowers themselves.

As a Toronto Mortgage Broker, my role is to find the right mortgage for my client while making the process and overall experience memorable for them.  Where some lenders deal specifically with niche markets such as commercial lending or niche clients such as real estate investors,  a Toronto Mortgage Broker deals with a variety of mortgage lenders and clientele.  Having access to over 50 different lenders in residential, commercial and constructing lending gives a Toronto Mortgage Broker a broad spectrum of client’s to work with and lenders to choose from.

My role is to guide and educate the client through the whole mortgage financing process.  It is very important that the client understand the terms and conditions of the mortgage they are choosing and why we are taken that mortgage compared to other options.

Because of my expertise I can help the client choose the mortgage product that is right for them.  A person who deals directly with a mortgage lender—such as a bank—can only choose from that lender’s mortgage product choice and may end up with a mortgage that is not the best fit for them.  I am able to give my client’s more options and choice.

A Toronto Mortgage Broker is able to inform the client on the different kinds of mortgages available and the difference between each lenders choice.  Although a fixed rate mortgage for example is very similar between each lender, each individual lender will have its own specify qualifying guidelines and terms such as pre payment privileges and penalties to break the mortgage in term.

There are many different borrowers with different mortgage financing needs.  Some borrowers will have good income and good credit and the process for qualifying for a mortgage will be straight forward.  Other borrowers may be self employed with low income, just started work, new immigrant, wanting to buy a investment property or damaged credit.   The  Toronto Mortgage Broker can arrange financing for all types of borrowers and their needs at the best available mortgage rates and terms.

As expected, the Toronto Mortgage Broker should give the consumer the freedom to choose which lender they want to work with and once the consumer decides on a company be then able to provide all the relevant information on that company that the consumer requires along with the terms and conditions of service which in turn makes the mortgage closing process go much more smoothly, and this works well for both parties involved.  When this trait is combined with helping the client put together a perfect mortgage application, The Toronto Mortgage Broker is indeed, a borrower’s best friend.

Whether for residential mortgagescommercial mortgages or construction financing, I can keep you abreast of current trends within the mortgage financing industry and act as a wellspring of information for those interested in mortgage financing.

By Industry law an Accredited Mortgage Professional (AMP) has to continuously meet annual educational requirements and be aware of all industry policy and lending requirements therefore maintaining the best industry practices.

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