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Robert Clancy is an excellent broker and I would highly recommend him to anyone. He took the time and helped us figure out a plan that was customized perfectly for our family. He was a pleasure to speak to and extremely understanding. I can’t thank him enough for everything! He truly changed our lives for the better!

-Francesca and Marc


April 9, 2016


Robert assisted us with the refinancing of our home. He was able to provide us with an affordable rate and was a pleasure to deal with. I would highly recommend him to friends and family.

– Cheryl Hill


May 29, 2016


I have been working with Robert Clancy throughout the past 7 years. Instant response, professional advice and prompt service – these are the qualities I have greatly enjoyed while organizing the needed financial transactions with Mr. Clancy. Mr. Clancy has always been attentive to my financial needs, and he has always made sure I clearly understood the details of the transaction or operation discussed. I would gladly recommend Mr. Clancy to anybody who is interested in obtaining financial services from a competent and honest professional.

– Nadia Evgrafova


May 7, 2015


“I had received excellent feedback from a number of your  other clients regarding the expertise, professionalism and customer focus you had shown during their process, and wanted to try it out for myself.

The people who recommended you were right, your expertise and professionalism is very good but what i appreciate the most is the customer service. I, as a client, am very persistent and scattered but ambitious.

Whenever i email or call Rob, no matter how silly the question or how many questions there are, i always get an in depth and prompt answer. That is priceless for me as a client.

Even with my financial situation and varying scenarios Robert was able to advise me as to the best possible way to proceed.

Robert and his staff were first class in keeping me in the loop as to where we were in the process. I always felt confident he was taking care of everything and pushing the process through as efficiently as possible.

I will certainly be using Rob in the future and undoubtedly be referring him to anyone looking for a mortgage in the future.


– Daniel Carlin

January 21st, 2013


“I worked with Robert for the first time in 2007 through my financial institution. What drew me to him was his easy going demeanor and extremely helpful personality. A hiccup occurred at the bank that could have resulted in not receiving our deposit on time however Robert came to the rescue and helped us work with the bank to get an advance on the funds to ensure we secured our home.

When I decided to purchase my second home, I sought Robert out at his new company as I knew he would work very hard at getting us the best possible mortgage options available. He worked hard for us; getting us a great rate and kept me up to date on the dealings in doing so.

I would strongly recommend working with Robert if you want the best rates possible. He is very friendly, personable and very easy to work with.”

– Whitney Forsyth

Febuary 7th, 2013


“You provided us with exactly what we were looking for, we had shopped around for different mortgage brokers but no one was able to find us exactly what we were looking for.  You answered all of our questions and provided us with flexibility in entire process.

We were able to feel comfortable at every step and there was never uncertainty about anything.  Even after everything was complete we really appreciated the fact that you followed up and made sure everything went effortless.”

Kimberly MacIntyre

May 15th, 2013


  • What drew you to do your mortgage with me?

“A good recommendation from a trusted person that had a positive experience with you.”

  • What did you like about the overall experience working with me as a broker?

“Open to all my strangest and nervous questions as a first time home buyer, overall it was the patient and ever professional approach.”

  • Did I answer all your questions about your mortgage/financial needs?

“Absolutely, that is why you were the broker for choice for us even with the other organizations in the mix.”

  • Were you always kept aware throughout the mortgage approval process?

“Yes, because I was always asking a million questions.”

Thanks and always a pleasure having an experience and polished professional to speak with about one of life’s most important decisions.

-Jay Yoganath

July 15, 2013


“Working with Robert for my mortgage was a pleasant and easy experience. His patience and professionalism was reassuring during what could have been a very stressful time. He was great at handling my many questions with prompt and thorough answers. Most importantly he opened up an excellent and exciting opportunity by securing a renovation loan for me. This has helped me turn my house into an income generating property and it also allowed me to create a living space designed to my tastes. Very glad I chose Robert for my home mortgage!”

-Mike Biogioni

August 1, 2013